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Snapology Success: Aaron Hagebak

Being a successful franchise owner takes determination and drive, and a little creativity doesn't hurt either. At Snapology, we are lucky to have successful owners all over the world. We want to share their success stories with you through a series of franchise owner success spotlights. This month we are chatting with Aaron Hagebak.

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Virtual Birthdays Are a Hit! 6 Reasons to Book Your Next Celebration with Snapology

Throw an unforgettable virtual birthday party for your child with the help of Snapology.

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Working as a Snapologist: Functional Messes, Family, and a New Kind of Teaching

Ashley Davis has been with Snapology for over five years, starting as a part-time teacher and growing into her current role as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Snapology €” a position that encompasses all of the curriculum and training resources given to Snapology's teachers (or "Snapologists€). We sat down with her to learn about what it's like to work at Snapology, the company culture, and how they hire. 

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The Building Blocks of Starting a Franchise: Pt. I

For those who choose the venture of opening their own franchise, it can become quickly intimidating. Innumerable franchises can be found over a vast range of industries, and certain steps should be followed before pursuing them. We've provided a step-by-step overview of some of the major stages involved with the rewarding task of opening a franchise.

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The Benefits of Running Your Own Business

Some people know early on that they were meant to own their own business. Others find themselves starting a business due to life changes such as parenthood or losing a previous job. Regardless of what motivates you, there are plenty of great reasons to start your own business!

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The Building Blocks of Starting a Franchise: Pt. II

Meet with the Franchisor: By planning a day to meet with the franchisor, you will likely find plenty of information on what the franchisor can offer in terms of support, and you will be able to ask all of your pending questions. Visiting their headquarters will also provide a great chance to meet other franchisees.

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