Robotics For All Ages!

Snapology provides interactive Robotics programs for children ages 3-14 using LEGO® bricks. Students in our robotics programs learn pseudo-coding, coding, robotics and engineering principles. Using fun topics and themes, such as animals, games, space and battle machines, we embrace children’s interest and curiosity to guide them through robotics and engineering principles. Our programs provide the best mix of fun and education for your child. In fact, most kids have so much fun in our programs, they don’t even realize how much they are learning.

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Kinder Robotics

At Snapology, we start as young as 3 years-old teaching psuedo-coding, robotics and engineering in a super-fun, interactive way to keep little ones engaged. Through the creation of fun models, like magic wands, animals and games, our young robotics students are excited to learn new concepts in order to see how their robots will respond.

Elementary Robotics

Elementary school-aged children have a such thirst for knowledge. At Snapology, we harness the spunk and energy of children at this age through the use of fun, interactive robotic models. By manipulating themed models, we teach children robotics, psuedo-coding and beginner coding. It’s fascinating to watch them grow and learn.

Advanced Robotics

The ability of children ages 9-14 to learn new technologies never ceases to amaze me. With students at this age, Snapology fosters an environment of open exploration by educating students on advanced robotics concepts (like sensors & coding) and then allowing students to independently apply their newly learned ideas.

Robot Car


Remote Controlled
Remote Controlled

Snapology offers several robotics programs featuring robots that are manipulated via remote control. Students enjoy building the basic robots and then modify their robots to conquer various challenges and competitions. In addition to learning robotics concepts, students apply engineering, physics and mathematical concepts during these programs.

Thethered Robots
Tethered Robots

Snapology’s most popular robotics programs feature robots tethered to a laptop computer. Students enjoy building various robots and then program their robots to complete specific tasks. Each robotics program is filled with engineering and programming challenges to keep students fully engaged. Choose from dozens of robotic themes for children ages 4-14.

Autonomous Robots
Autonomous Robots

Snapology’s newest and most advanced robotics programs feature autonomous robots powered and controlled via bluetooth technology. Your child will build robotic models and use iPads and/or laptop computers to program their robots (via psuedo-code or code) to complete specific tasks. Children are encouraged to work in teams to learn & explore with their robotic models.


It isn’t just about building a robot. It’s about understanding the robot. Our students learn the engineering behind the robots as well as how to program their robot to complete different tasks. Children are encouraged to manipulate, invent and explore in Snapology programs. After all, children’s best learning experience come from creative play.

Robot Choices
Robot Choices

Do you like animals, medieval machanisms, games or outer space? Do you prefer more practical, real world applications? Well, we’ve got that. Snapology offers over a dozen different robotics topics and themes to choose from – each with a variety of different robots to build and program. The choice is yours!

Competition Robots
Competition Robots

Snapology is proud to offer competition robotics for students ages 6-14 via FIRST® LEGO® League and FIRST® LEGO® League Junior. Snapology sponsors & coaches teams under these fantastic programs which promote teamwork & coopertition (cooperative competition). Competition robotics is the ’sport for the mind’. Enroll your child today!

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