Does your learner have what it takes to be a STEAM Survivor?

If your child enjoys taking on engineering and design challenges, working with a team to complete timed tasks, and using partnerships to brainstorm and explore new possibilities to solve unique problems, this program is the perfect place for them to push their STEM and building skills to the next level! Throughout the program, students will be challenged to design and build complicated objects, work cooperatively with others to secure their place on a team, and compete to be the fastest and most precise competitors in the class. Although the tasks will be challenging, they will be structured and guided by a trained Snapologist who will make sure your child gets the support they need to be successful and get the most out of this unique, challenging program!

Academic Asset 1Enrichment

  • Practice critical thinking skills through building challenges
  • Practice with the Engineering Design Process
  • Creative thinking and design encourages independent thinking and problem-solving skills

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