In Snapology’s Building a Better World program, children are challenged to think critically about the world around them. As students identify problems, they will think creatively about how they can use technology to inspire change. Your child is sure to have a blast as they build, learn, and play!

Better Robotics (1-2 hours)
During this activity, students will work with a partner to build a robotic model that helps make the world a better place. Students will learn to program and customize their model to solve a variety of problems such as cleaning up pollution, helping people with disabilities or solving transportation issues.

Building Character (1 hour)
In this activity, children will engage literary skills as well as critical thinking and spatial planning. Children will select a character from literature that has made the world a better place. They will then build a 3D model of the character and present their build to their classmates, focusing on explaining why the character was effective at making the world a better place. This program currently has three hours of programming suitable for a workshop.

Academic Asset 1Enrichment

  • Gain awareness of the field of archeology
  • Explore significant archaeological discoveries
  • Exercise strategic thinking and planning skills
  • Practice with basic engineering, design, and motor skills
  • Develop informal presentations involving relevant facts and descriptive details

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