Will you be trying your luck at catching a leprechaun this St. Patrick’s Day? Leprechaun traps are a fun, creative STEAM activity you and your kids can do for little to no cost. You can use LEGO® bricks, recycled items, or craft materials to create your unique trap. Try luring a leprechaun into your trap using gold coins or treats. Check the trap on St. Patty’s Day to see if it worked! Sometimes they will leave signs of being near your trap, but those tricky leprechauns always seem to escape.

Here are 30 awesome leprechaun trap ideas made by Snapology fans. Great work everyone!

Feline accomplice
Love the claw!
Traps that glow
These traps use shiny gems to lure the leprechaun in
Hang in there…
Classic box traps
Perilous stairways
Gold coin bait
Leprechaun smashers
Pulley systems
Creatures and critters
Table for 1 at the chocolate coin restaurant!
Watch your step
See-through traps
This leprechaun was trapped by the First Order

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