Fun & Unique STEM Halloween Costume Ideas

The Spooky season has finally arrived! Preparing for candy, carving pumpkins, and the ever-important costume planning will consume most of the month of October and can leave many parents looking like they belong among the undead.

Sure, you could run to Target and let your child choose their favorite Superhero or Disney character and call it a day. But the fact that you are reading this blog probably means you are looking for something a little more unique this year.

At Snapology, we love getting creative, and admittedly, a little nerdy with our Halloween costumes. Taking inspiration from our favorite STEAM concepts we have compiled this list of fun & unique STEAM costumes that will certainly make your child stand out this Halloween.


Marie Curie

Image Credit: 5Minutesformom

Looking to dress up for Halloween as one of the most influential women in science? Look no further than the physicist and chemist who completed pioneering research on radioactivity, Marie Curie. For this costume, all you need is a long black dress, black gloves, and a white lab coat. You can take it to the next level by adding a green glow in the dark nail polish and a beaker filled with some bright green liquid. Check out our slime recipes for inspiration.

Rosie Revere

Image Credit: Madebytoya

Rosie the Riveter has always been a popular Halloween costume, but this year why not take inspiration from Rosie Revere Engineer instead? This beautifully-illustrated tale of a girl and her dream to become a great engineer offers the perfect costume for your inventive child. You will need a red polka-dot bandana, white tights, and Rosie’s signature dress. If you can’t find an acceptable version of her dress on the shelf, just grab a white t-shirt dress and some ribbon or washi tape and create her red and black stripes yourself. Add on her classic black lunchbox (which can be used to hold candy!) and you are all set.

Mad Scientist


A mad scientist costume allows your kiddo to get a little zany, which will only get more authentic once they start eating all that Halloween sugar!! This costume is super simple, just throw on a white lab coat splattered with red or neon green paint. Add a crazy wig or simply spike and spray your kiddos hair with gray or white hairspray to make this costume even madder! Add some goofy goggles or glasses and you have a mad scientist costume!

Crime Scene Investigator

Is your kiddo interested in mysteries, problem-solving, or even the board game Clue? If so, a great Halloween costume idea is a crime scene investigator (CSI)! You can dress your child up as a CSI with a black jacket or vest, magnifying glass, notepad, badge, and sunglasses. Make this costume even more fun with some forensic kit accessories. You can find a selection of items here. *Bonus- these tools can be used well after the Halloween fun is over! Still looking for ways to make this the best costume ever? Why not truly get into the Halloween spirit but creating a staged crime scene for your kiddo to solve before the trick-or-treat fun! Might we suggest the great candy caper.

Fashion Designer

Photo Courtesy of Picture This

We know what you are thinking, “How is a fashion designer costume related to STEM?€. Design is actually heavily STEM/STEAM-based. Designers use math, shapes, and art in order to create their masterpieces. A fun way to “dress up€ this costume is with fancy clothes, measuring tape, a drawing tablet or some funky jewelry! Better yet, let your child design their own costume by using a service like Picture This.

Bill Nye The Science Guy (or Gal)

Photo Courtesy of Shutter Stock

Dressing up as Bill Nye the Science Guy for Halloween is a super fun way for your kiddo to be their favorite actor and “scientist€ at the same time! Your child can put on their blue lab coat and favorite bow tie while brushing up on their science trivia to prepare for this Halloween costume idea.

Jane Goodall

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Dressing up as one of the most influential women in science is sure to turn heads! A Jane Goodall costume is a super fun and simple costume idea! Dress up in khaki, wear a pair of binoculars, and carry a stuffed gorilla to complete this one-of-a-kind look!

Amelia Earhart

Photo Courtesy of Flickr

Soar into Halloween night with this super unique costume! Dressing up as the early aviation pioneer and the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean is a pretty awesome costume idea. You can dress this costume up by wearing a leather jacket, scarf, boots, and goggles€¦If you are truly ambitious you could add on this DIY cardboard airplane Get ready to fly!



Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Winter, spring, summer or fall. Your kiddo can enjoy Halloween by dressing up as their favorite season! Or make it a family affair and represent them all. Represent winter with blue and silver clothing covered in snowflakes. Get your child involved in making paper snowflakes that you can attach to their outfit. Click here for a refresher on making snowflakes. For fall, grab some brown and orange clothing and affix some fallen leaves.  Add a few gourds and call it a day. Spring can be represented with pastel colors, flower buds, and an umbrella dripping with crepe paper rain. Summer is all about fun in the sun! Dress in beach attire and use some face paint to give yourself a sunburn or tan lines. Don’t forget sunglasses!

Space/Solar System Costumes

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Your kiddos costume is sure to be out of this world when dressing up as their favorite planet or galaxy for Halloween this year. Sit with your child and research the various characteristics of the planet, star or moon they want to be. Use cardboard or foam to create and decorate your favorite planet. You can use glow in the dark paint it to make it stand out during Halloween night; the possibilities are as vast as the universe for this one!

Robot Costume

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

A cute, creative, and simple STEM-costume idea is dressing up as a robot! You will be able to explore the world of robotics and technology with your kiddo as you create the perfect robot costume by using boxes, pipe cleaners, and paint! Let your child be part of making the costume by adding buttons and gadgets and explaining their function. Add foil dryer vents for arms and LED lights to enhance your creation.


Happy Haunting!


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