Encourage Your Little Engineer with Play-Based Robotics

To nurture your child’s enthusiasm for STEM subjects, it’s vital to foster their curiosity and support their interests. One engaging avenue to achieve this is by enrolling them in play-based robotics classes. Snapology’s Robotics programs provides a dynamic platform where children explore engineering, mathematics, and robotics concepts in an interactive manner. These classes not only cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving abilities but also cater to kids of various ages and diverse environments.

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Why Play-Based Robotics?

Using LEGO® Robotics to introduce children to STEM concepts has many benefits.

What exactly is play-based robotics, and how can it benefit you child? According to professor and author Mark Gura, play-based Robotics “is a body of teaching and learning practice based on play-based Robotics kits, popular sets of materials that enable individuals without formal training in engineering and computer programming to design, build, and program small-scale robots.” Gura explains that there are three ways that children will typically design and build their robot:

1) Through their own creative imagination, not following any instructions or “how-to’s”.

2) With step-by-step directions, allowing them to follow along and build a designated robot design

3) With a challenge presented by a teacher or instructor. They’ll give a problem that needs to be solved by their robot with sets of parameters but without detailed instructions, allowing the child to work on their problem-solving skills.

All of these approaches have benefits, and most LEGO® Robotics classes will have a mix of these different teaching systems. Regardless of the approach, a robotics class will give your child a wholesome understanding of programming, how it influences our environment, and develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will benefit them even if they don’t grow up to work in a STEM career.

Here’s Where Snapology Comes In

Snapology offers multiple interactive LEGO™ Robotics programs for children ages 3-14.

Snapology provides interactive LEGO® robotics programs for children between the ages of 3-14. Students who participate in our robotics programs learn the principles of pseudo-coding, coding, robotics, and engineering. We use fun and interesting topics and themes such as animals, games, space, and battle machines in order to embrace children’s curiosity teach them robotics and engineering basics. Snapology’s robotics programs are the perfect mix of fun and education for your child.

There are three different levels of robotics for children of all ages.

Kinder Robotics

We start as young as 3 years-old teaching psuedo-coding and robotics in a super-fun, interactive way to keep little ones engaged. Through the creation of fun models like magic wands, animals, and games, our young robotics students are excited to learn new concepts in order to see how their robots will respond.

Elementary Robotics

Isn’t it amazing how quickly kids pick up new technology? Students use laptops or iPads in many of our programs and are taught advanced technology topics in our Engineering, Robotics, and Animation classes. From coding to stop-motion animation, your child will love learning about the technical world around them while creating super-cool games and movies.

Advanced Robotics

Snapology offers more advanced robotics programs for students ages 7-14. Popular programs like AttackBots Robotics, Mega Machines Robotics, and Combat Robots feature more advanced builds. Children will learn about sensors, gears, pulleys, and programming as they create robotic catapults, crossbows, helicopters, and much more!

Find a Snapology Class Today!

boy working on robotics program

Snapology offers a wide range of robotics classes that explore not only different types of robots but also dive into the engineering and thought processes behind them. There are six different classes that each have an individual robotics focus.

Remote Controlled

Snapology offers several robotics programs that focus on robots that are controlled with a remote. Students build the basic robots and then change their robots to best accommodate various challenges and competitions. Students not only learn robotics concepts, but they also apply engineering, physics and mathematical concepts during these programs.

Tethered Robots

As some of Snapology’s most popular robotics programs, these classes feature robots that are tethered to laptop computers. First, students build different robots, and then are able to program them to complete specific tasks. Filled with engineering and programming challenges, each robotics class is sure to keep your child interested and engaged. There are dozens of robotic themes to choose from for children ages 4-14.

Autonomous Robots

As Snapology’s newest and most advanced robotics programs, your child will have the opportunity to build robots that are powered and controlled by bluetooth technology. Kids will build robotic models and use iPads and/or laptop computers to program their robots (via psuedo-code or code) to complete specific tasks. Children in these programs are encouraged to work in teams to learn and explore with their robots!


Building robots are fun, but we want kids to go deeper- we want them to understand the working behind the robots. Children in these programs will learn the engineering behind the robots as well as how to program their robot to complete different tasks. Students are encouraged to manipulate, invent and explore. Some of a child’s best learning experiences come from creative play, and we want to foster an environment that allows them to do just that.

Robotics Choices

Does your child like animals, medieval mechanisms, games, or outer space? Or perhaps you would prefer them to explore more practical, real world applications? Well, whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got that. Snapology offers over a dozen different robotics topics and themes to choose from – each with a variety of different robots to build and program. The choice is yours!

Competition Robots

Snapology is proud to offer competition robotics for students ages 6-14 via FIRST® LEGO® League and FIRST® LEGO® League Junior. Snapology sponsors & coaches teams under these fantastic programs which promote teamwork & cooperation (cooperative competition). Competition robotics is the ‘sport for the mind’. Enroll your child today!

To learn more information on Snapology’s robotics programs or find the closest Snapology to you, check out our website! Don’t forget to look at our program guide with full descriptions of the awesome programs that we have to offer!

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