STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) provides the foundation of our entire world. The most in-demand (and highest paying) careers are often in STEM-related fields. Children are often naturally interested in STEM fields, as shown through their interest in hands-on activities such as Lego®s. At Snapology, we know that once a child displays their interest in STEM, it’s important to quickly provide them with sources for growth. Here are some tips on how to support your child’s interest in STEM:

Encourage Curiousity: Ever notice how a child can have a bundle of questions, while older kids can lose their sense of excitement?

Break and Rebuild: When possible, allow your child to take things apart and put them back together €“ with the right supervision, of course.

Go On a Field Trip: Any science museum, aquarium, or laboratory will do. Or, schedule a 1-8 hour field trip with us at Snapology!

Encourage Exploration: Giving your child a few child-safe science tools (like a simple magnifying glass) will encourage them to be creative on their own!

Are you interested in inspiring children to stay (or become!) involved in STEM fields? The program structure of our children’s franchise is flexible, allowing teachers to adapt to the needs of each unique group of students while allowing children to progress and explore at their own pace. Become a franchisee with Snapology today to help change the futures of young learners!

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