Random Acts of Kindness Day falls on February 17, but we think kindness should be shared every day of the year. We’ve pulled together a list of 50 random acts of kindness that you can start crossing off with your kids today, or any day you feel inspired to practice being kind!

1. Hold the door open for someone

2. Give someone a compliment

3. Help someone do their chores

4. Ask someone how you can help them

5. Smile at everyone

6. Help make dinner

7. Take out the trash

8. Pick up litter

9. Say thank you to a helper

10. Draw a picture for a friend

11. Donate unused toys or clothing

12. Check in on an elderly neighbor

13. Make someone laugh

14. Volunteer at a local organization

15. Make treats for friends or classmates

16. Write a letter to a loved one

17. Make your bed

18. Return someone’s cart at the grocery store

19. Tell someone why they are special to you

20. Let someone go ahead of you in line

21. Sit by a new student at lunch

22. Push in someone’s chair

23. Give someone a high five

24. Recycle

25. Share your toys

26. Tell a parent why you appreciate them

27. Call a distant relative

28. Clean up a mess you didn’t make

29. Write a nice message with sidewalk chalk or in the snow

30. Make a list of things you’re thankful for

31. Play with a new student at recess

32. Make a card for your teacher

33. Hug someone

34. Write a thank you note

35. Say hi to someone new

36. Encourage a student

37. Share a snack

38. Water the plants

39. Walk the dog

40. Help someone with homework

41. Make friendship bracelets

42. Decorate and leave a kindness rock for a stranger

43. Invite someone over for dinner

44. Help with a sibling’s chores

45. Let your sibling choose a game to play together

46. Be kind to yourself €“ make a list of your own best qualities

47. Set the table

48. Feed the birds

49. Read a book to someone

50. Tell your family members that you love them

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