5 Reasons Why Snapology Camps Are a Good Fit for Your Child

Choosing the perfect summer camp that checks all the boxes can feel overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from – sports camps, art camps, science camps, cooking camps, and everything in between. Snapology’s play-based STEAM camps are unique and designed with unique campers in mind. But how do you know if Snapology summer camps are a good fit for your child? Read on to find out.

Does your child like building?

Snapology camps use interactive learning tools and toys that kids already enjoy playing with. Children feel instantly comfortable when they step into a Snapology classroom or camp and realize that they get to play with and manipulate some of their favorite toys into cool, interactive models and builds. They will have so much fun, they won’t even realize they’re learning!

Is your child a natural problem solver?

Snapology’s STEAM-themed summer camps keep kids active in academic concepts without even realizing it. Through a hands-on, play-based educational approach, campers learn science, technology, robotics, and coding through creative problem-solving, teamwork, and experimentation. Whether they know it or not, children are taking much more away from this camp than fun memories and new friends. They are building skills and learning about STEAM subjects, bridging the summer learning gap and keeping their brains and hands engaged all year long.

Does your child want to learn about teamwork and collaboration?

Whether coming into camp with friends or siblings or ready to make new friends, children at Snapology will have a blast building, playing, and problem-solving in teams. We create a classroom environment that is a safe and inclusive space for children to work collaboratively and bounce ideas off of one another. These teamwork and problem-solving skills are just as important as the educational concepts and lessons each program is built around.

Is your child ready to share their awesome ideas with new friends?

Each of Snapology’s well-rounded camps includes time for sharing each child’s thoughts, ideas, and creations. Campers are encouraged to present their unique builds to the rest of their class. We make sure to take time building these “soft skills” that are so essential for children ages 3-14. Campers leave their summer camp with more confidence in themselves and their ideas, with more tools to take with them into the school year next year.

Are they ready to have fun?

Above all, Snapology camps are FUN! Crafting cool structures and themed builds using LEGO® bricks, constructing robotic animals and amusement park rides that move, directing stop-motion animated movies – the possibilities for fun are endless at a Snapology summer camp. Children love our popular themed programs like Jedi Robotics, Snapology Movie Favorites, Mining & Building, and more.

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