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Snapology’s themed programs are designed to promote creative play, teamwork and social skills.

Through the use of popular topics like Minecraft, Star Wars & Superheroes, students are engaged a variety of theme-focused activities while learning engineering and math principles. Snapology’s goal is to put purpose to their building through blueprinting and idea sharing.Our themed programs use LEGO® bricks, K’Nex  and other interactive building toys to engage children and spark their creativity.

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Bring Minecraft® to life and create your own world and movies. Snapology offers 3 levels of Minecraft-themed programs (Basic, Advanced and Epic)


To the Batcave, Snapology fans! Design your own superhero using LEGO® bricks, create your own adventure and comic strip. What kind of super powers do you have?

Angry Birds

Inspired by Angry Birds®, come on an epic adventure with Red, Chuck, Stella, Terence and their little Piggie friends in this super-fun program. Build, explore and create your favorite Bird Adventures while you learn about the physics behind the catapults, levers and slingshots used to make these birds fly.


During this class we will let you play with our secret stash of mini-figures...from movie characters, to sea creatures, to SpongeBob! Join us as we shrink ourselves to mini-figure size and create our own mini-figure worlds.


God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Let Snapology help your child’s journey in faith by using LEGO® bricks to express the bible. This class is Christian based.


Check your local Snapology for fun programs like the Grinch Who Stole LEGO® Bricks and Santa’s Creator Club. We also offer programs for the 4th of July, Easter and other holidays throughout the year.


Build and play along with your very best friends in our Best Friends Club class. Work with your BFFs to build your own unique personality and community.


Your Sensei needs you! Design a new dojo for Snapology made from LEGO® bricks and train your men to battle with the best. Get ready to have fun and become a Master Ninja, Snapology-style.


Come join Snapology for Pokemania. Students will build and explore the world of Pokemon as they create their own gyms, battles, and even their very own generation of Pokemon. Children will also learn about real world science as they learn about the habitats of the Pokemon. Your child will have a blast becoming the best Pokemon trainer ever.


Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard. Become a Snapology Patriot as you build your training camp, Navy flags, Air Force jets and Coast Guard boats - all using LEGO® bricks. Be all you can be with Snapology!


Enter the magical world of Snapology! Have fun with dragons, crowns, knights and swords. Create your own castle using LEGO®bricks and much, much more. Let the magic begin!


Looking for Snapology to design a program around your theme or special event. We can do that. Just give your local Snapology office a call and we’ll design a program specifically to meet your needs.


Participate in Star Wars® themed activities, build scenes from the movie, ships, deathstar, battles, lightsabers, you name it. May the force be with you!

Monster Mania

Get your scare on with Snapology’s Monster Mania! Use LEGO® bricks to create your own monster fighter, build a haunted town and have a scary good time during this fun program.


Do you want to build a snowman with Elsa and Anna? Design your own Ice Castle, create your own snowman and have a blast as you create your own kingdom of Arrendale using LEGO® bricks. For the first time in forever you will be building with LEGO® bricks and Frozen all in one world!


Solomon, Moses and Noah are just a few of the Superheroes we learn about in the Old Testament. Your child will learn about these heroes as we complete different building activities using LEGO® bricks.


Snapology celebrates Dr. Seuss. From the Cat in the Hat to Fox in Sox your children will have a blast in this fun program that brings our favorite books to life using LEGO® bricks and K’Nex.



At Snapology, we provide the perfect mixture of education and fun. Let’s face it…If it isn’t fun, your child won’t want to come back. In our themed programs, students are focused on their favorite characters, topics and themes, while we sneak in engineering and science concepts. Kids have so much fun that they don’t realize that they are learning. Shh, Dont’ tell them it’s educational.


In Snapology programs, we promote an environment of collaboration & teamwork. We encourage negotiation and compromise through group decision making. In our programs, children improve cooperation and teamwork skills through social interaction. Social development is crucial to the development of every child. At Snapology, we want to make learning social skills fun!


We're proud to promote the development of social skills in children. Learning to present to a group and gaining comfort with public speaking can be challenging for anyone. By presenting creative ideas about fun topics like Minecraft and Star Wars, children in Snapology themed programs experience standing up in front of the class and speaking to a group in a very supportive environment.

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