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At Snapology we understand how important it is to expose children to technology and high tech learning at a young age. In our animation programs, we let children explore technology in a fun, interactive environment. Our instructors guide students through a series of activities designed to teach core principles while allowing students to learn and grow at their own pace. Children are meant to learn through play. Sign your child up for one of our technology programs and watch their imaginations and technical knowledge soar.

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Girls coding LEGO builds


Animation Studio

Making movies is tons of fun! Using animation techniques and LEGO® bricks, students in Snapology programs learn the art of stop-motion and apply it to make their own movies. Our teachers emphasize creativity while teaching technical skills, including adding special effects, sounds and credits. Is your child the next Spielberg?

Specialized Animation

Students combine their love of Minecraft®, Superheroes and other specialized topics & themes to make awesome stop-motion animation movies. Learning is meant to be fun! In Snapology’s themed animation programs, students make incredible movies while learning all the technical aspects of stop-motion animation.

Teacher with Kids



We provide the perfect mixture of education and fun. Let’s face it…If it isn’t fun, your child won’t want to come back. In our technology programs, students are focused on learning technical skills such as coding, character development, spacial planning, game mechanics and critical thinking. Kids in our programs, have so much developing their video games and movies, that they hardly realize just how much they are learning.


In Snapology programs, we foster an environment of teamwork and collaboration. We encourage group decision making, negotiation and compromise to teach children critical social skills. Through team planning and group decision making, children improve cooperation and teamwork skills in our programs. Social development is crucial in development of children. At Snapology, we want to make learning social skills fun!

Boy and Girl

At Snapology, we recognize the importances of developing social skills in children. A key component of socialization is developing presentation skills and public speaking. By presenting fun and creative ideas to fellow students, children in Snapology programs gain comfort in standing up in front of the class and speaking to a group. Snapology’s goal is to improve confidence in children both in and out of the classroom.

Depth Everywhere

Most people react in three ways when confronted with a situation- dependent on it's type: Forget it a few seconds later, Remember it for a few days and then have it fade to their subconscious memory, or Remember it forever as if to be able to relive it over and over. Our passion at Different Studios is to make every moment live forever, as if stamped in time.