How to Find the Best Camps in Milton and Georgetown

It’s that time of year for families to start thinking about spring and summer camps for their kids. With so many factors to consider, it can be a difficult decision to make.

First you need to consider the type of camp that would be a good fit for your child. There are many options to choose from such as academic, outdoor, general, arts & crafts, STEM and the list goes on. Think about what your child truly enjoys and would like to do for an entire day or week. There is nothing worse than paying for a camp that your child doesn’t want to go back to the next day. Most camps will do their best to provide a variety of activities throughout the day so the kids don’t get bored, but despite this if the theme or general type of camp doesn’t keep your child engaged then you might find yourself in this situation.

Then you need to think about who is running the camp and if they have the proper experience and training. Your child’s safety is of the upmost importance and you want to make sure you can trust who will be looking after them.

Last but not least, cost is of course important especially if you have several weeks and/or more than one child to pay for. Town camps and general camps will usually provide the best price but you can also find affordable fees with specialty camps, especially if you signup during their early bird period. It pays to do your research and shop early when it comes to selecting camps.

Milton families have some great choices when it comes to camps. There are many local providers who deliver quality camps that your kids will love.


Provides general and outdoor camps at Kelso Park in Milton. Learn more here!


Provide general and specialized camps throughout community Centres in Milton and Georgetown. Learn more here! Even more information here!


Provides STEM/STEAM Camps using LEGO bricks in Milton and Georgetown. Learn more here!


Provide general, arts and outdoor camps at various locations throughout Milton and Georgetown. Learn more here!


Provides outdoor camps at Kelso in Milton and provide free busing within Milton and other parts of Halton and Mississauga. Learn more here!


Provides outdoor camps at two locations in Milton. Learn more here!

Georgetown Art Express

Provides art camps in Georgetown. Learn more here!