12 Days Of Family Friendly Holiday Activities

Looking for new kid-friendly traditions to adopt this holiday season? We have 12 cool ideas that are sure to bring on the holiday spirit and start your countdown to Christmas 2022.

#1 Try a new Hot Chocolate recipe or experiment with some of your own ingredients. Give your new drink a special holiday name.

#2 Take it outside by having an evening of Smores and Star Gazing. This is a great way to take in the beauty of a winter night.

#3 Hold a Christmas Karaoke Party with your family. If you want to include family near and far, make your karaoke party a virtual one! This is the perfect way to connect with long distance family and friends.

#4 Gather found objects (branches, pinecones, rocks) to create a tiny Christmas Tree for your outdoor animal friends to enjoy.

#5 Learn about the tradition of Kwanzaa and commit to one of the principles.

#6 Make homemade snow and share the recipe with your friends and families. Your kiddos will want to make this magical recipe again and again.

#7 Camp out in front of your Christmas Tree. Keep the tree lights on, read holiday stories, and snack on homemade treats.

#8 Watch a Christmas Movie that debuted the year that you were born.

#9 Use holiday decor to create a photo booth in your home. Be sure to snap some snazzy pics to share with your friends and family members.  

#10 Download Christmas Bingo Cards and play a few rounds after dinner. Who doesn’t love Bingo?

#11 Spread holiday cheer by doing a Secret Act of Kindness for someone you don’t know. This is the perfect way to teach your kiddos about empathy and the practice of giving to others.

#12 String popcorn to make garland for your tree or mantle. This tradition never gets old and is sure to amaze the kiddos.


Download our handy guide and post on your refrigerator for a reminder each day and share other ideas below.


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