Best Homeschool Resources in the Troy, MI Area

Deciding to Homeschool your child or children is a big undertaking, and you want to do everything to ensure they get all the advantages and enrichment opportunities that they would get going to school every day, or better.

While there are plenty of online programs available, you can also give your child opportunities to attend other classes and programs outside of traditional school that will teach them practical skills, offer them a chance to socialize, and use equipment you don’t have access to at home.

Below are five great programs or classes in the Troy, MI area your child can take to enrich their education and give you a break!

Photo Courtesy of Evola Music

1. Evola Music

Evola Music has numerous locations surrounding the Troy area, and they have some great kids music programs such as their “Music for Little Mozarts€ and “Musical Moments€, where your child can join in a group environment.

Research shows that children who play instruments are more disciplined and learn to focus earlier in life. They have a number of highly-skilled teachers who guide the children through carefully planned lessons in a fun atmosphere.

Photo Courtesy of Renaissance Fencing Club


2. Renaissance Fencing Club

Did you know you have a high-level fencing club right on your doorstep? Renaissance Fencing Club  have current Olympic and World Cup competitors, Veteran Fencing Champions, and a long list of other impressive titles who are members of this club. They offer an Intro to Fencing class developed by three-time Olympian and club member Ann Marsh.

Fencing will help your child keep fit, improve speed, agility, reflexes, and control. Fencing is a very controlled sport that helps children learn to solve problems and think critically under pressure, and will be a great way to make friends and get some exercise.

Photo Courtesy of Snapology HQ

3. Snapology

Snapology of Troy-Macomb offers some of the best STEM and STEAM classes for children aged 2-14 to help them learn through play. They offer year-round programs where your child can use Lego, K’Nex and various forms of technology to teach them topics like Robotics, Movie-Making, and Video Game Design.

When children come to Snapology they truly don’t know it’s educational, and we’re not going to tell them!

Photo Courtesy of Troy Blackbelt Academy Groupon

4. Troy Blackbelt Academy

Troy Black Belt Academy  offers a Kids Martial Arts Program that focuses on helping kids develop a positive and confident outlook on life. They believe that self-confidence and self-discipline are the most valuable skills we can teach to children, and both of these attributes will benefit your home-schooled child immensely.  

Photo Courtesy of Next Stop Broadway

5. Next Step Broadway

Next Step Broadway offers a range of dance and acting classes just over in Birmingham that will help your child get physical and gain confidence. They offer acrobatics, acting, ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary dance, and more, and almost all classes have a recital each June, so they’ll get a chance to perform. Dancing and acting is a great way to help your child be comfortable in the limelight and make some great forever-friends.





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