Fun Ways For Your Scouts to Earn STEM Badges in Stamford

Joining the Girl Scouts opens doors to a world of opportunity for your child, empowering them to excel in various aspects of life. As a scout, your child influences their surroundings and cultivates qualities like confidence, courage, and character, invaluable traits for their journey into adulthood.

Girl Scout badges provide a perfect avenue for your child to explore their interests and acquire new skills. In a significant development, the Girl Scouts have introduced remarkable STEM badges, aiming to inspire young girls to become future leaders in these essential fields. At Snapology, we’ve taken a thoughtful approach by aligning our programs with the Girl Scout STEM badges, ensuring each step toward earning a badge is not just met but exceeded.

Snapology for Scouts

Snapology of Stamford, CT takes pride in offering a wide range of educational programs focused on STEM and STEAM for children. Whether your focus is on the marvels of technology, the interactive joy of building, or a combination of both, Snapology delivers an engaging, interactive experience that’s both enjoyable and educational for your scouts.

Our programs are facilitated by dedicated Snapologists, who are assigned to teach and guide your scouts. Working in pairs, this collaborative environment promotes the development of essential team-building skills and mindsets among your scouts.

Badges Offered


  • Mechanical Engineering (Badges 1, 2, & 3)
  • Robotics (Badge 2)
  • Space Science Explorer


  • Mechanical Engineering (Badge 3)
  • Robotics (Badges 1 & 2)
  • Space Science Inventor


  • Mechanical Engineering (Badges 2 & 3)
  • Robotics (Badges 1 & 2)
  • Space Science Investigator


  • Robotics (Badge 2)
  • Digital Movie Master

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Snapology makes the ideal partner for your upcoming scouting event. Don’t wait any longer! Contact Snapology of Stamford to embark on your next exciting scouting adventure. You can also explore our program guide for a comprehensive listing of our classes, programs, and events.

Snapology’s highly-rated scout activity program is designed to captivate your scouts, leaving them both engaged and smiling, all while educating them in the fields of STEM or STEAM. Whether you choose one of our popular scouting events or opt to customize one for badge achievement, rest assured your scouts will be delighted with the experience.

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