Send your little learner to explore all about animals, dinosaurs, shapes, and colors with us! In this program, students will travel back in time to explore an Earth filled with stegosauruses, tyrannosauruses, and raptors. Students will also learn about animal habitats and why an animal’s home is important for survival. Along the way we will reinforce primary and secondary colors, shapes, and how to count the things we are playing with. Through stories, games, and building using LEGO® DUPLO® blocks, your little learner will be busy exploring the history of biomes on Earth while gaining critical social, emotional, and developmental skills without even realizing it!

Academic Asset 1Enrichment

  • Students will practice making observations of physical characteristics
  • Students will investigate animal habitats and basic needs
  • Students will explore basic concepts of paleontology, biology, and ecology
  • Students will be challenged to label various colors and shapes
  • Students will practice counting and using numbers from 1-10
  • Students will develop basic engineering and motor skills through play and building
  • Students will practice following two- & three-step instructions

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