5 Ways to Incorporate Breaks Into Your Child’s E-Learning Day

With the recent shift to e-learning, children must incorporate study breaks into their learning schedule. Taking regular study breaks has been proven to increase focus, productivity, and retention. For best results, have your children take a 5-10minute break every 50 minutes. You can use a timer phone app or a kitchen timer to set study and break times for your child to follow. To get you started, we compiled 5 fun ideas on how to incorporate breaks into your child’s e-learning day.

1.Play With Slime

Make the slime ahead of time using one of our 3 safe recipes. Give your child some fun options for what they could do with the slime that day. They can use cookie cutters to make shapes, explore how far they can stretch it, blow bubbles with it, or test its stickiness by seeing what items they can pick up with it. Slime is a versatile toy that offers stress relief, texture play, and can be a fun learning aid.

2. EngageYour Child’s Creativity with LEGO“‡

Sign your child up for one of our unique virtual LEGO® experiences and they will never run out of fun break ideas. LEGO®toys help develop a child’s creativity, fine motor, planning, and thinking skills. With the help of our virtual classes, parties, and play dates, your child can learn while having fun and making new friends. We keep our events small (up to 20 children) so that everyone has a fair chance to engage with each other.

3.Use Art To Enhance Learning Comprehension

Ask your child to draw what they just learned. Drawing can help boost your child’s memory by challenging them to explore the newly-learned ideas indifferent ways. Plus, they will have a fun work of art to put up on the wall and show off.

4. TakeCare Of A Houseplant Pet

Simply owning house plants can help improve attention, productivity, and lower stress levels. Allow your child to develop their responsibility skills with a houseplant pet. Teach them how much water, light, and attention their plant needs. Let them name the plant, talk to it, and sing to it. Your child will get the benefits of interacting with nature while learning how to take care of a living organism.

5.Practice Simple Yoga And Mindfulness Techniques

Yoga and mindfulness exercises can help improve children’s physical, mental, and psychological well-being. There are many free resources online, like blogs and YouTube videos, to help you and your child learn simple techniques that can help reduce stress and improve focus. Search for simple breathing techniques, yoga poses, or mindfulness exercises for kids on the internet. Learning these techniques now can help your children manage stressful or challenging times later in life.

Taking e-learning breaks is beneficial for your child’s learning and well-being. By incorporating fun activities like the ones above, your child can learn ways to lower their stress levels, improve their responsibility skills, and enhance their lesson retention. Help set your child up for success today with short and fun e-learning breaks.

What are some fun e-learning break ideas that your children enjoy? Comment below and let us know.

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