Best After School Enrichment Programs in Gilbert

As a parent we are constantly looking for ways to boost academic performance, reduce troublesome behavior, encourage physical activity and provide a safe environment for our children while we are not present. Enrolling your child (or children) in a quality after school enrichment program can ensure all of the above occur after school lets out in the afternoon.

We know that looking for an after-school enrichment program that best suits your child can be exhausting– That’s why we have created a list of the best after-school enrichment programs in the Gilbert, AZ area that will turn the aimless hours after school into productive learning time:

Best After School Enrichment Programs
Photo Courtesy of Snapology HQ

1.) Snapology

Snapology of Gilbert offers your child a bunch of classes throughout the week that promote STEAM education and fun. Snapology engages children ages 1-14 using LEGO® bricks, K’Nex and technology. While the kids are having fun with familiar toys, laptops and iPads, Snapology sneaks in the learning. Research has shown that there is a positive correlation between students who have early STEAM experiences and future success in school and career paths. If Snapology is not yet a partner at your school, let your administrators know that you would like two see their programs in your school.


Best After School Enrichment Programs
Photo Courtesy of Gilbert Public Schools

2.) Very Important Kids (VIK)

Very Important Kids, otherwise known as, VIK, is an extended learning program for Gilbert Public School children kindergarten through 6th grade. Their staff is highly trained and certified to provide your child with a safe learning environment. Their enrichment programs focus on the following: reinforcing excellent educational programs taught at Gilbert Public Schools and building strong relationships while identifying self-worth. Their enrichment program runs throughout the school year and the summer.

Best After School Enrichment Programs
Photo Courtesy of Champions Before and After School

3.) Champions Before and After School

Champions Before and After School allows for children of working families to extend their learning as well as engaging activities that help children grow and learn. This after-school enrichment program encourages your child to explore dramatic play, art, motor skills, and language all while developing important life skills. Champions Before and After School is very passionate about children unlocking their own potential through their programs.

Ready for some serious fun?