Five Benefits of Learning Through Play

Hey Utah moms, do you know why play is so important for our kids? Well, let me tell you! It helps with their cognitive development, encourages creativity and imagination, develops social and emotional skills, improves language development and most importantly it’s fun and engaging. It’s a great way to support our kids’ overall development. I make sure my own kids have plenty of opportunities to play whether indoors or outdoors, and I encourage you to do the same! Here are five benefits of learning through play:

  1. Play promotes cognitive development: Through play, children learn to explore, experiment, and make sense of their world, which helps them develop their cognitive abilities.
  2. Play encourages creativity and imagination: Play allows children to use their imagination and creativity, fostering the development of their artistic and emotional abilities.
  3. Play develops social and emotional skills: Children learn to communicate, cooperate, and share through play, which helps them develop their social and emotional skills.
  4. Play improves language development: Children learn language skills through play by talking, listening and interacting with their peers and adults.
  5. Play is fun and engaging: Children are more likely to be motivated to learn when they are having fun. Playful activities keep children engaged and interested in learning, making it a great way to support their overall development.

At Snapology, we infuse play as part of your child’s learning! We take a three pronged approach to learning so that your child can thrive in and outside of the classroom. Join us for an after-school program or upcoming summer camp near you! We currently offer programs in South Jordan, Herriman, Sandy, Draper, Lehi, Alpine, Pleasant Grove, Lindon and Orem! We hope to see you soon!


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