Local Businesses You Can Support for the Holidays in Hopedale, MA

Local business is what gives our community its personality. It is what sets us apart, keeps us vibrant, and flavors our everyday life. Sure, shopping on Amazon is easy but trust us, they will be fine if you choose to spend your dollars elsewhere.  

This holiday season, more than ever before, we all need to come together to support local business. We’ve rounded up some of our local favorites that you can support this year. Your support could be the difference in these businesses keeping their doors open.

Snapology Class
Photo courtesy of Snapology HQ


Give the gift of play with Snapology! Snapology believes kids are meant to learn through play. Children can participate in classes, camps, workshops, and/or birthday parties- in-person and virtually- focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Snapology engages children ages 1-14 using LEGO® bricks, K’Nex and technology. Kids all ages can build, experiment, and solve problems while having fun!

CSP Logo
Photo courtesy of Christine Strickland Photography

Christine Strickland Photography

Christine Strickland Photography specializes in family and children, professional and yearbook headshots, pets, special events, and sports. Christine Strickland promises she can get a smile out of anyone! This local business is also the place to go for interior design and construction photo shoots. Check out her pandemic 8x10 chalkboard sign special on her Facebook!

Skin Care Products
Photo courtesy of Hopkinton Skin Care

Hopkinton Skin Care

Hopkinton Skin Care is a locally owned business that specializes in Anti-aging Facials, Micro-needling, and Plasma Pen Treatments. Consultations are complimentary and can be done in person in the treatment room or virtually from your home. The goal of Hopkinton Skin Care is to get you happier and healthier skin!

Photo courtesy of Tutor Doctor Metrowest South

Tutor Doctor Metrowest South

We know how important it is that your kids are getting the best education possible. With some kids only in school part time or fully virtual, Tutor Doctor Metrowest South is here to help. These tutors make learning comfortable, reliable, and simple. Tutors can come to you either in person or virtually. You can schedule a free assessment today!

Cross Fit Class
Photo courtesy of Resilience CrossFit

Resilience CrossFit

Get stronger, healthier, and more independent with Resilience CrossFit! Getting into better shape can be intimidating to some people, but Resilience CrossFit has a program for everyone. You can schedule a “no sweat intro” where you can tour the facility and talk to trainers about what your goals are and hope you can get started. Not sure about in person workouts? Lucky for you, Zoom classes are available.

We understand times are tough and not everyone can afford to financially support local business. But, there are plenty of free ways to support these businesses too.

·      Follow them on social media

·      Share a review on google or Facebook if you have loved their service in the past

·      Sign up for their newsletters

·      Share their information with your social circle