Fun Ways for Your Scout to Earn STEM Badges in the Germantown Area

Joining Girl Scouts allows for you child expirence new things and build lifelong friendships. Your scout will have the opportunity to influence the world around them while building confidence, courage, and character-- All skills that benefit your child as they grow into adulthood by providing a foundation of leadership.

The process of earning badges is integral to the development of your Girl Scout, and we are taking a look at Germantown's newest way for your scout to earn awesome STEM badges.

Snapology for Scouts

Snapology of Germantown is proud to provide educational, STEM and STEAM related programs for children. At Snapology, we've carefully evaluated all of the Girl Scout STEM badges and have tailored our programs to ensure each step toward earning a badge is met and exceeded.

Whether you would like to focus on the wonders of technology or the interactive nature of LEGO building bricks (or both!), we will be sure to provide an interactive experience that is fun and beneficial for your scouts.A dedicated Snapologist to is assigned to teach your scouts, and they work in pairs to promote team building skills and mindsets.

Badges Offered


Mechanical Engineering (Badges 1, 2, & 3)

Robotics (Badge 2)

Space Science Explorer


Mechanical Engineering (Badge 3)

Robotics (Badges 1 & 2)

Space Science Inventor


Mechanical Engineering (Badges 2 & 3)

Robotics (Badges 1 & 2)

Space Science Investigator


Robotics (Badge 2)

Digital Movie Master

Get Started

Snapology is the perfect place to host a scouting event. What are you waiting for? Find a location near you to get started on your next scouting adventure. You can also view the Snapology Class Catalog for a full listing of all of the classes, programs, and events we offer.

Snapology’s top-rated scout activity program is sure to give your scouts a fun time while also educating them in the topics of STEM or STEAM. Whether you decide to do one of our popular scouting events or create a custom one to earn a badge, your scouts will not be disappointed.