Best Homeschool Resources in Kingston, Jamaica!

There are many reasons why parents choose to homeschool. These reasons may be very personal or simply because you feel that you can offer your child a better education. Whatever your reason, the decision can be one of the most difficult you will ever make as a parent.

No matter how resolute you are in your decision to homeschool, challenges still remain. Two of the most common fears of parents that homeschool is that their child will miss out on socialization that comes with being in a classroom and the fear of “curriculum gaps”. Well, fear no more--there are many convenient and affordable homeschool resources available for those who homeschool.

 We’ve created a list of the best homeschool resources in the Kingston area to help you be successful.

Photo Courtesy of Snapology HQ

1. Snapology of Kingston

Snapology of Kingston play-based S.T.E.A.M. education programs are perfect for homeschooling and co-ops. Snapology focuses on combining learning with fun and promotes a great environment for your homeschooled child to socialize with other children. Snapology offers a variety of programs for different age brackets like Basic Engineers for 5-7-year-olds, Intermediate Engineers for 8-11-year-olds, Advanced Engineers for 12-14-year-olds and so much more!

KCB Learning
Photo courtesy of KCB Learning

2. KCB Learning

KCB Learning offers great programs to assist parents with homeschooled children. Some resources available include individualized tutoring in core subjects, GSAT / CXC / SAT test preparation, computer literacy, workforce training, and special needs assistance. KCB Learning can help identify areas of academic strength and weakness, develop individual student education plans, and track student performance.

High Flyer
Photo courtesy of High Flyer Educational Services

3. High Flyer Educational Services

High Flyer Educational Services is a great resource for tutors and academic professors available to help children learn. The best part about getting a tutor with High Flyer Educational Services is that you get to pick the location for the tutoring session. A tutor will meet with your child at your home, office, or other location you request. Tutoring options are also available online.

Enlightium Academy
Photo Courtesy of Enlightium Academy

4. Enlightium Academy

Enlightium Academy is a great way for students to transition from public school to homeschooling. They offer individual support for each student, college preparatory curriculum, AP/honors courses, and more with a Christian worldview. Enlightium Academy is an affordable way to educate your children. You can sign up your child at any point during the year to try it out with a 14 day money back guarantee.
Photo courtesy of Xtra Math

5. Xtra Math

A great online and mobile app homeschool resource is Xtra Math. Xtra Math is a non-profit organization that offers FREE math videos, tutorials, lessons, and activities as well as progress reports of your child’s progression. Xtra Math also offers a variety of resources for teachers and parents to better help their child with more in-depth lessons.

Photo courtesy of Duolingo

6. Duolingo

Teaching your child a foreign language while being homeschooled can be quite the task, especially when you as the parent and teacher do not know another language and hiring a foreign language tutor can be quite costly. With Duolingo, a FREE mobile app, your child can learn foreign languages through the use of videos, games and informational lessons.