Awesome Summer Camps in Palo Alto, CA

Summer will be here before you know it! With life slowly returning to normal, it's time to start thinking about your summer schedule. Whether you are a working parent or just want to find something to entertain the kiddos, a fun and engaging summer camp is a great option! We know there are so many summer camps to consider in the Palo Alto area. The last thing parents need right now is something else to cause stress. Lucky for you, we’ve created a summer camp guide to help you narrow it down and keep your summer planning as stress-free as possible. Below are five of our favorite summer camps in and around Palo Alto, CA.

Snapology Summer Camp
Photo courtesy of Snapology HQ


‍Snapology’s curriculum is designed to build on the math, science and technology knowledge students have gained over the school year to keep them interested and engaged in STEAM year-round. But shh…don’t tell them it’s educational! The best part about Snapology is that their programs are so packed with fun, children will be excited to return to school next year to use what they've learned. Exciting summer camp themes include Adventures with Star Wars®, Gamebots, Junior Creators, Amusement Park Engineering and much more! Snapology also focuses on developing real-world interpersonal skills through sharing ideas, communicating and working together. There are multiple dates, locations, and themes to choose from. Learn more here.

Rock Climbing
Photo courtesy of Run For Fun

Run For Fun

Stay active this summer with a day camp at Run For Fun! Run For Fun is the perfect way to bring sports, nature, and fun all together in your child’s life. Some fun, physical activities include capture the flag, dodgeball, soccer, street hockey, and many more. During the day, students will also have the opportunity to participate in craft activities like making friendship bracelets, jewelry, sand art, pipe cleaner animals, and tissue paper bouquets.

Kids cooking in Taste Buds Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Taste Buds Kitchen

Taste Buds Kitchen

Become a master chef at Taste Buds Kitchen! Each week of the summer is a new theme and cooking adventure. Kids will master skills to impress their friends and family. They will learn to cook classics from across the world like Sushi Rolls from Japan or Cardamon Coconut Cookies from India. One week, your kiddo will even make awesome recipes inspired by their favorite books! Your child will have the opportunity to learn awesome cooking skills while having a blast making friends.

Kids playing in band
Photo courtesy of Summer Rock Camp

Summer Rock Camp

Does your child have a passion for music? If so, Summer Rock Camp is the place for them! Kids will come together to form their own rock band while making lifelong memories and friendships. They will work together and practice during the week to be able to perform a live concert at the end. They will be able to work with camp instructors and music professionals. Bands at Summer Rock Camp typically consist of drums, bass, vocalist, two guitars, and keyboards. They also welcome horns (trumpet, etc) and woodwinds (saxophone, etc).

Kids showing art projects
Photo courtesy of Art School of San Francisco Bay

Art School of San Francisco Bay

Art School of San Francisco Bay is the perfect place for your art lover to develop skills to improve their artistic performance. Art School of San Francisco Bay offers camps focusing on different mediums including Comic, Character Design, Drawing & Painting, Illustration, 3D modelling, Animation, Watercolor, Pastels, Oil, Sculpting, and more! These camps embrace everyone’s individuality. Instructors help guide students through their creative process. Camps are also available online.