5 Free Ways to support Snapology of Lehi

With the recent mandate in Utah, all kid's extracurricular activities have been canceled for two weeks till further notice. Snapology of Lehi is a local small business in its first year and our business is predominately after-school programs during the school year.  After the announcement, emails from partners flooded in postponing and even canceling full sessions entirely. You can imagine it was challenging to hear this! But don’t worry, we have good news!

Supporting a small business like ours makes a huge impact on the community. Not only are you keeping the business alive, but you are also helping our business provide job opportunities to fellow neighbors and helping our community to grow. When we grow, we have the capacity to provide exciting new classes, events, and outreach to the community and that’s our goal!

While we are limited to providing in-person classes at unpredictable times due to circumstances, you can still help us grow for FREE! Your influence can have a bigger impact than you realize. We need YOU! So, what can you do to help?

1. Word of Mouth

Tell your family and friends about us! I love sharing with my inner circle and colleagues the businesses that I enjoy or have provided a service I love. I personally patron at businesses my neighbors and friends recommend because of the automatic trust factor. Whether you are a parent or administrator, your voice matters. Who knows, maybe the next person you share with joins a class, books a party, or even wants to host a program. All of this keeps us thriving!

2. Leave a review

Similar to sharing with your inner-circle, how about share it with the whole community! Has your child attended one of our camps, classes, workshops, or birthdays? Has your establishment hosted a class or event?  Share your positive experience with the community on our business Google or Facebook page so others (and of course, us) can benefit. I can’t express how much this helps with getting noticed in the cities we frequently run programs through. You never know the impact your review can have and who it will reach.

3. Participate on Social Media

This doesn’t seem like a big deal but when more people follow us on Facebook and Instagram, it helps expand our reach. After you follow us, continue to “Like” a post, share, and comment. All of this helps the conversation move forward and helps us understand our community better. Participating on Facebook and Instagram helps us stand out in the sea of businesses that pop up as you’re scrolling.  

4. Sign-up for our newsletter

Sounds simple and we all benefit from this! You’ll receive the latest announcements on upcoming programs and discounts FIRST. The more you know, the more you can share!

5. Share your love with us

This is the beating heart of our business and fortunately, we receive private messages from many of you already. We can’t express our gratitude enough for this. Please, keep it coming and keep giving us your feedback. We want to continue to grow and serve you and the community the best we can.


Are you ready to get started? Can you leave a review OR follow us on social media? Thank you for your continued support. We are excited to see the business grow and can’t do it without you!