Best Robotics Programs in Germantown

There is no denying that exposing your child to robotics and S.T.E.A.M. education provides many benefits for your child and their future…

Much of what S.T.E.A.M entails, robotics, coding and other forms of technology, are essential to the education of children. Children should be exposed to the computational thinking robotics encompasses as early as possible to ensure that they are keeping track with the constantly-changing technological advances that are defining the modern world.

So how do I get my child involved in robotics and S.T.E.A.M education?

We’re glad that you asked–There are  many different programs that are both educational and fun where your child can get hands-on experience with robotics and we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 programs in the Germantown area:

Photo Courtesy of Snapology HQ

1.) Snapology of Germantown

Robotics, S.T.E.A.M., learning, and fun? We’re not crazy because at Snapology of Germantown you are guaranteed all the above. Snapology specializes in teaching your child the importance of S.T.E.A.M. through hands-on experience with LEGOS®, K’nex, and different forms of technology while also promoting a super fun environment. Snapology offers a variety of different ways for your child to explore robotics through the following:

  • Classes
  • Summer Camps
  • After School Enrichment
  • Field Trips
  • Birthday Parties and so much more!
Photo Courtesy of Friends School


2.) Germantown Friends School

At Germantown Friends School building robots and building friendships goes hand-in-hand. Germantown Friends School offers a four week summer camp program that teaches both robotics and S.T.E.M. education that are sure to intrigue your child, while also promoting fun. Their robotics programs focus on learning about robotics through creative activities and problem solving.

science center
Photo Courtesy of the Rockville Science Center


3.) Rockville Science Center

At the Rockville Science Center of the Germantown area, the importance of robotics and S.T.E.M. education in the youth culture of the area is promoted through hands-on learning experiences. Rockville Science Center programs allow for students in small teams to design, build, program and prepare robots, rockets and more to participate in local and national competitions. Pretty neat, right?


Ready for some serious fun?