Snapology Launches STEAM Classes, Camps, and More in the Stamford Area

Snapology of Stamford welcomed over 400 guests to their official open house at Pickleball America on Saturday, February 3rd for hands-on learning and fun. Snapology showcased its lineup of STEAM education-related activities, including science and engineering programs. Owners Kimone Johnson and Edwin Stone explained that Snapology’s mission is to allow children to develop STEAM skills while having fun.
“We engage in experiential learning. We do it in a way that’s always fun for the kids, and it’s always active,” said Edwin Stone, co-owner of Stamford Snapology. “They don’t even realize that they’re learning as they’re doing it.”
“They can discover whether they want to be a scientist, a mathematician, an engineer, an architect, you name it… it all starts with imagination,” said Kimone Johnson, co-owner of Stamford Snapology.
Snapology of Stamford 2
From captivating science experiments to engaging engineering challenges, Snapology’s impressive lineup of activities showcased the power of STEAM learning, all while having a blast! View their full schedule here.


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