New Brunswick’s Top 5 Summer Camps

Finding the best summer camp that both you and your child will be pleased with should be a simple task, not stressful. Unfortunately, often this seemingly simple task can turn into a daunting one.

Take a deep breath… We are here to take away the summer camp stress by providing you with a list of the “Best Summer Camps€ in your area (you’re welcome). You can take a sigh of relief as you explore the best camps in and around the New Brunswick area below:

New Brunswick's Top 5 Summer Camps


Photo Courtesy of Snapology HQ

1.) Snapology

If you are looking for the hottest new camp option in the area, check out Snapology of New Brunswick. Snapology camps have been praised for years, but until now were not available locally. Luckily Snapology of Moncton has just started offering these tried and true Summer Camps in the area.

Snapology offers STEM education camps that focus on fun, so your child will not even realize they are learning. Snapology uses LEGO® bricks, K’nex, laptops and iPads to teach kids about science, technology , engineering, art, and math concepts. Kids in these camps will try their hands at building their own amusement park, coding robots, making slime and so much more. The best part about these camps is that they actually get kids excited about going back to school when summer finally comes to an end.

New Brunswick's Top 5 Summer Camps
Photo Courtesy of Sky Zone of Moncton

2.) Sky Zone

Sky Zone of Moncton offers summer camp programs that are focused on getting children ages 6 and older to remain active during the summer months away from school and sports practices. Counselors at Sky Zone of Moncton are bilingual ensuring that all cultures are included as able to communicate with counselors. Sky Zone of Moncton offers summer camp programs from June 24th through August 30th.

New Brunswick's Top 5 Summer Camps
Photo Courtesy of My Gym of Moncton

3.) My Gym

My Gym of Moncton provides a plethora of summer camps with a focus on physical activity and fitness for children. Children are able to participate in fitness games, noncompetitive gymnastics, arts and crafts, music and so much more while focusing on their physical development and personal success. Camps at My Gym begin July 3rd 2019.


New Brunswick's Top 5 Summer Camps
Photo Courtesy of Camp Centennial

4.) Camp Centennial

Camp Centennial of Moncton offers a variety of programs for children ages 5-16 years old. Camp Centennial’s programs focus on spending the summers outside while enjoying activities. Summer camps at Camp Centennial run for 9 weeks starting the week of June 24th and ending the week of August 9th.

New Brunswick's Top 5 Summer Camps
Photo Courtesy of Sports Dome

5.) Sports Dome

Sports Dome of Moncton is another camp that prides themselves on their ability to keep children active both indoors and outdoors during the summer months. Early morning and late evening pickup is available at no extra charge (SCORE). Children at Sports Dome summer camps are grouped according to their age brackets and bilingual counselors are provided.



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