Best After School Enrichment Programs in St. Pete

When the familiar bell rings and school lets out for the afternoon, we know that the day is far from over. Whether you need a program to keep your child engaged while you finish the work day, or are just looking for something more beneficial than a tv binge, after-school enrichment programs are a great solution.

After school enrichment programs are proven to boost academic performance, reduce troublesome behavior, encourage physical activity and provide a safe environment while parents are not present. Finding the right after-school enrichment program for child can be daunting- That’s why we have created a list of the best after-school enrichment programs in the Saint Petersburg area that will turn the aimless hours after school into productive learning time.

Photo Courtesy of Snapology HQ

1.) Snapology

Snapology of St. Pete offers your child an abundance of classes throughout the week that promote STEAM education and fun. Snapology engages children ages 1-14 using LEGO® bricks, K’Nex and technology. While the kids are having fun with familiar toys, laptops and iPads, Snapology sneaks in the learning. Research has shown that there is a positive correlation between students who have early STEAM experiences and future success in school and career paths.

Photo Courtesy of After School Kicks

2.) After School Kicks

At After School Kicks of Pinella County, your child is able to learn the game of soccer from professionals, have time to study and do homework as well as play other sports while attending their after school enrichment programs. After School Kicks provides FREE transportation for over 20 schools in Pinella County, a snack and free tutoring.

Photo of Courtesy of the YMCA of St. Pete

3.) YMCA of St. Pete

A variety of after-school enrichment programs are available for your child at the YMCA of St. Pete. The YMCA of St. Pete encourages children to become leaders through fun enrichment programs that promote problem-solving, critical thinking and socialization. Their after-school enrichment programs include subjects in government, cultural arts and so much more.