Best After School Enrichment in Towson-Perry Hall

Can you believe that it’s almost time for the new school year?

Preparing for the upcoming school year can be very stressful for parents, especially the process of enrolling your child into after school enrichment programs and activities.

After school enrichment programs provide many benefits for kids. These programs are proven to boost academic performance, reduce troublesome behavior, encourage physical activity, and provide a safe environment while parents are not present.

Looking for an after-school enrichment program that best suits your child can be quite the task-- That’s why we have created a list of the best after-school enrichment programs in the Towson-Perry Hall area that will turn the aimless hours after school into productive learning time:

Photo Courtesy of Snapology HQ


Snapology of Towson-Perry Hall offers your child an abundance of classes throughout the year that promote STEAM education and fun. Snapology engages children ages 1-14 using LEGO® bricks, K’Nex and technology. While the kids are having fun with familiar toys, laptops and iPads, Snapology sneaks in the learning. Imagine picking up your little one and hearing all about the robot they built and programmed, or a super structure they tested. If you can't find Snapology's programs in your school, reach out to them and they will work to bring these awesome classes to your kiddo.

Photo Courtesy of New Wave Martial Arts

New Wave Martial Arts

Give your child the after school enrichment experience like no other with New Wave Martial Arts of Perry Hall. New Wave Martial Arts ensures a warm and welcoming environment along with classes taught by accredited masters, homework & study time, team building, confidence building, and bully defense. New Wave Martial Arts is family owned and family taught.

Photo Courtesy of Kumon Math and Reading Center of Perry Hall

Kumon Math and Reading Center

Your child will have a great time when enrolled with Kumon Math and Reading Center of Perry Hall’s after school enrichment programs. Kumon Math and Reading Center will help your child advance in a wide variety of subjects, while also having fun being taught by accredited and certified instructors.