Successful Strategies for Teaching Social Skills to Children

We all want our children to excel. It is important that our children learn to read and write. We stress the importance of grasping math concepts, exploring science, and understanding history. However, the subjects that may just be the most important for children to learn are social skills. Snapology offers a program called LEGO® Connections, a fresh new way to teach social skills. LEGO® Connections focuses on creative play and it is open to children of all ages.

About LEGO® Connections

Connections uses LEGO® bricks to encourage children to play and work on their social skills, while it also motivates them to open up and express themselves. This form of building with LEGO® bricks has always been an effective way to teach children on the autism spectrum, as it provides hands-on learning which can be extremely effective. Watching a child gain confidence from their build and want to open up about what he or she created is inspiring to all. Who knew small little pieces of colored plastic can be so powerful? This is a fascinating new way to teach children social skills for many reasons. Children learn the confidence of creating something with their hands, while developing critical thinking skills, and having fun at the same time. Educational play at its best!

How it Help Children With Social Connections

Snapology’s LEGO® Connections Class is a program to enhance social skills for all types of children. Snapology welcomes children on the Autism Spectrum, children with PDD or Sensory Needs as well as ‘typical’ children who need additional help with social skills. Our Connections Classes take place in a small group setting. A mental health provider or teacher skilled with working with children with special needs is present at every class to assist and guide children through the build or activity. Family members, an Aide, or a TSS is encouraged to attend with your child as well.

Our staff is dedicated to working with your child to help create a comfortable environment in which to grow and learn. We believe bricks can open up a whole new world for children and we want to introduce this world of possibilities to your family.

To learn more about this innovative and creative way to teach social skills to children, contact Snapology today. You can view Snapology’s current schedule of classes here!