Giving Back this Thanksgiving Season

Fall is here!

Many people use the entire month of November to focus on gratitude and thankfulness.

We believe that it is important to remember to take time out of our lives to give back and show appreciation.

Let’s remember to get outside of ourselves and focus on others more.

It really is important to treat others the way you want to be treated and love others the way you want to be loved.

Here are a few ideas of things that you and your family might consider doing:

Support Snapology of Lancaster’s Food Drive in November! 

The Food Drive will be supporting the Lancaster County Food Hub. We are holding two workshops in November that the "fee" is  donation of an in date, unopened, shelf stable food item per person to our Food Drive for the Lancaster County Food Hub. 

Here are the link to the Thanksgiving Workshops:

Gratitude Journal:

This does not have to be something fancy. It literally can be written on a few sheets of paper or in a notebook. Take a few moments to write down one thing you are thankful for each day. Once you start the habit in November you can consider continuing it for a longer period of time. Research has shown that people that are thankful are generally happier. Taking a few moments each day to write something positive about your life that you are truly grateful for really can impact your life.

Write a note of gratitude:

Pick someone to write a letter or color a picture to say thank you.

  • Firestation
  • Police
  • Mailman
  • Hospital ER’s

If you are able, include a gift card to order pizza or some other treat!

Civil servants are people. They spend their lives to help protect us. They are someone’s family member, a dad, brother, son, mother, sister, daughter, etc. When we see them while out living our life taking a moment to look at them, smile and say thank you really could make a difference.

Support a local charity:

Many organizations are looking for help all year round but especially during the holidays.

Contribute to a local food drive

Serving meals

Toys for Tots (or other similar organization)

There are many wonderful local charities in the area. This website has a great list for you to consider for the Lancaster County area. Lancaster Creative Reuse is one that I would like to suggest for your consideration. They have many reviews on the site of people sharing why they love this organization. Their mission statement says:

Mission: Lancaster's Creative Reuse center offers a donation based art, craft, and sewing supply store. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization working to connect community excess to those who can use it creatively. LCR aims to inspire creativity, and encourage reuse through providing educational and community outreach programming.

This article gives some great ideas of ways to help local charities without having to donate money.