Flexible Fall Learning Enrichment With Snapology

Across the county, schools are planning and preparing for a back-to-school season like never before. Community leaders are faced with the impossible task of preparing for the unknown while challenges and regulations continue to shift day-to-day.

We know that a successful school year will depend on community involvement, cooperation, and adaptability. Creating contingency plans for the uncertain school year ahead will mean that all hands must be on deck. Communities are gathering their resources in order to plan a safe and fulfilling school year for their students. Schools will be challenged with tasks like new medical precautions, smaller classroom sizes, staggered attendance, expanded virtual learning programs, preparing for learning gaps, and much more.

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Expanding Enrichment Opportunities

Flexible learning enrichment programs will be necessary resources for schools to have in their arsenal as we move forward. Traditional school days and teaching techniques are taking a back seat as we navigate the “new normal” for our students who need more support than ever this year. Expanding access to enrichment programs is going to be a big step in bridging the educational and socio-emotional gaps left in the wake of this global pandemic.

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Virtual Programs

We have been working hard at Snapology to adapt our curriculum and approach to suit our students’ needs in accordance with ever-changing guidelines and recommendations. Snapology anticipated the school closures before stay-at-home orders were in place last school year and quickly began working to move our popular STEAM programs for use online. We were met with overwhelming response and have since continued to provide parents with flexible & educational virtual programs, field trips, summer camps, and creative play.

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In-Person Programs

As some parents and educators know, virtual or distance learning does not always work for visual, hands-on learners. Schools should have alternative resources in place to meet the needs of students who require collaborative learning environments, whether online or in-person, and to support their teaching staff during this time.

In addition to our supplemental online programs, our dedicated staff is fully trained to facilitate small scale, in-school or after school programs. Once school resumes, we are prepared to support students and teachers at whatever level they are at. We are working with schools, homeschool,s and learning pods to offer solutions wherever they need it most.

Popular programs include:

  • Brick Art & Design
  • Scientists
  • Superstructures
  • STEM Survivor & Amazing Race
  • STEAM Lab
  • Brick City (inspired by LEGO® City)
  • Escape Snapology
  • Mini-Figure Mania
  • Science of Superpowers
  • Jedi Master (inspired by Star Wars)
  • Superheroes
  • Mining & Building (inspired by Minecraft)
  • Epic Mining & Building (inspired by Minecraft)
  • Poke-Heroes (inspired by Pokemon)
  • Ninjas
  • Exploring Arendelle (inspired by Frozen)
  • Best Friends Club (inspired by LEGO®  Friends)
  • Snapology Movie Favorites (inspired by Trolls, LEGO® Movie and more)
  • Castles, Kingdoms & Wizards
  • Wonderful Wizards (inspired by Harry Potter)

    and much more! View our full class catalog here.

We are working with partners now to bring our awesome interactive, live programs to kids in your area. Contact us to find out how a location nearest you can best serve your school and community.