Diary of a Snapologist

Diary of a Snapologist

Entry no: 3

It takes a team! I am not rich, yet but I am definitely wealthy

When I started writing this entry I was more than 6 weeks into my Snapology journey and journey as a small business owner. There have been many high points of hope and excitement. There have also been rough patches already, mainly limitations of myself and lack of experience in so many smaller needed areas. Who knew that I had to pay so much only to have the capacity to pay my employees? And how many different places do I have to register my business? Etc etc etc… I read somewhere that every small business owner needs to develop three skills; being an administrator, a negotiator, and a communicator. That is so very true. For now, being a one man show, I had to be all those things as well as doing the daily duties.  The reality and pressure was beginning to mount. I could feel my stress levels rising.

One key to surviving such pressure is getting small tangible successes on your journey. Building a business is a marathon not a sprint. The goal is worth it but to get there you need smaller boosts along the way. Events that will keep your morale up and boost your confidence. I needed to find or create such events.

I also knew that having a cash flow as well as  a long line of customers helps put stress at bay :). So why wasn’t there a long line of people knocking on my door yet? I have a great product that they need?  Well, no one knows me yet in the area. I had to interact with the general public and put my business out there. I had to build brand awareness, I had to build publicity. I had to...market. Now my Email campaign was already on its way, but that is not enough, people are visual, visceral, and vexatious (sometimes). You have to interact with them early and often to get attention and then commitment and then customers. So far, I had interacted with individuals in a professional setting. Now it was time to brave the general public.

To meet the public I had to do something bold. So I followed one of my own personal principles “do something audacious every month,” or a maxim that I borrowed from the SAS “who dares wins”. Two weeks before the fourth of July celebrations, I email the local parks and recs event planner and offer my services for child entertainment. I did not know the woman. I had never been to any of their events before. I had never been to a Snapology promo event. I didn’t even know where the venue location was. However, the event planner said “Snapology fits our vision, come on over.” Just like that I had two weeks to prepare for my first and biggest presentation of my business!

I will not bore you with the details, I will just warn you that no event turns out as you imagined or expected. It is always different, something always goes wrong, plans always change. Prepare the best you can, remain flexible and enjoy yourself. My fellow owners gave me half a dozen good suggestions during the last marketing meeting and I used them (big thank you to all of you).  I struggled with staff because none of my prospective hires could make it, however, a nearby Snapology owner volunteered to bring her son down and help me through the event. I am so grateful. God bless you. In the end I had to bring my C- team. My dear mother and father. My mother I had primed to be ready from the beginning but my father turned up with half a day's notice.


I may not be rich, yet, but I am definitely wealthy. I am wealthy because I have great support in this journey. I have a great family and a team of fellow owners who are better than any corporate team that I have worked with before. Hey even “The child” showed up to help me with my events.

To my fellow Snapologists, thanks for your help and support.

Till next time,

Dr. U