Best Summer Camps in Queens and Brooklyn

While you might prefer to spend quality time with your kids during the entire summer, the reality is that sometimes you can’t. Whether you need to work, or just need a way to keep kiddos entertained, summer camp can be a life saver. Navigating the world of Brooklyn and Queens summer camps can be daunting though.

With so many options in the area, how can you be sure you are picking a camp that is worth your money and your kid’s time? Lucky for you we have done a bit of the leg work for you. Below are 5 of our favorite summer camps in Brooklyn and Queens.


If you are looking for the hottest new camp option in the area, check out Snapology. Snapology camps have been praised for years, but until now were not available locally. Luckily Snapology of Forest Hills has just started offering these tried and true Summer Camps in the area.

Snapology offers STEM education camps that focus on fun, so your child will not even realize they are learning. Snapology uses LEGO® bricks, K’nex, laptops and iPads to teach kids about science, technology , engineering, art, and math concepts. Kids in these camps will try their hands at building their own amusement park, coding robots, making slime and so much more. The best part about these camps is that they actually get kids excited about going back to school when summer finally comes to an end.

Young Chefs Academy

If your kiddo loves to help you out preparing dinner, the Young Chefs Academy summer camp may be one of the best options for you. With a wide range of summer camps, all related to cooking, your child can to be their own mini Master Chef.

Surrounded by other kids at the same age, they will develop a taste for cooking in a safe and welcoming environment. Besides, they can then show off what they learned at home by taking on some of the dinner duties.

Super Kickers

Located in Jackson Heights, Super Kickers is not just focused on soccer. The camp offers activities ranging from yoga and soccer to cooking and piano and much more. Activities change each day and parents are provided with a schedule once they have enrolled in camp. Children between 3 and 12 years old can spend the day trying new and fun games each day. In addition to camps at their location, super kickers also offers five summer camp day trips.


If your goal is to avoid the 'Summer Slide', Fast Track Kids may be for you. This camp is serious about learning. They even offer a special track for those kids looking to get into gifted programs or schools. Parents can also opt to add tutoring and additional enrichment to any of the camp packages.

FasTracKids camps include Robotic EngineeringBuilding with Cubelets, Food Scientist, Electrical Engineer, Architects, Painters Clay Masters, among others. You can be sure that your kid will find one that he likes.

Kim’s Kids Summer Camp

For those who want their kids to have a more playful experience, Kim’s Kids Summer Camp is a great option. Kim’s Kids, located in Park Slope, has been offering children ages 4 ½ to 12 the opportunity to spend their summers being active and physical. Kids will explore nature while taking trips every day throughout New York City and its surrounding regions. One day they may be jumping into a pond and climbing over trees, the next may involve a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge for lunch in Chinatown.