Best Summer Camps in Aurora, CO

Going to summer camp is can be an incredible experience for your child; they’ll have the chance to go and experience something new, make new friends, and be somewhat independent for the first time.

Sending your child off to a camp can be a nerve-racking prospect, so how do you decide on the best one? We’ve rounded up five of our favorites in the Aurora, CO area to help you narrow down your search!

Photo Courtesy of Snapology HQ

1. Snapology

If you are looking for the hottest new camp option in the area, check out Snapology. Snapology camps have been praised for years, but until now were not available locally. Luckily Snapology of Aurora has just started offering these tried and true Summer Camps in the area.

Snapology offers STEM education camps that focus on fun, so your child will not even realize they are learning. Snapology uses LEGO® bricks, K’nex, laptops and iPads to teach kids about science, technology , engineering, art, and math concepts. Kids in these camps will try their hands at building their own amusement park, coding robots, making slime and so much more. The best part about these camps is that they actually get kids excited about going back to school when summer finally comes to an end.

Photo Courtesy of Miller Dance Studio

2. Millers Dance Studio

Millers Dance Studio offers your little ones a fun summer camp filled with dancing! Each day features a theme and they’ll learn a short dance routine, do crafts, and have a lot of laughs! This camp is great for children over two to start learning basic dance moves and make some new friends.

Photo Courtesy of the Aurora YMCA

3. Aurora YMCA

The Denver YMCA offers day camps that will help your child get into nature, challenge their minds, and get them physical. They’ll participate in sports, field trips and fun activities to help the campers learn more about themselves and the world around them.

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4. Sailing Camps

Community Sailing of Colorado offers your child a chance to try something new this summer. They have a few different summer camps to cater to ages as young as 5 and will teach them all about sailing, water safety and boating through games and activities. These camps fill up incredibly quickly, so don’t miss the boat!

Photo Courtesy of Snobahn

5. Snobahn

Snobahn has spring and summer camps where your child will have a chance to take part in skiing, snowboarding, trampolining and parkour activities for children as young as 5. Camps include lessons on all their amazing equipment, as well as time on their obstacle course. This will certainly be a memorable camp for your child!