Join the #snapologychallenge and you could WIn
A Snapology Prize Pack Including $1000 cash

We're celebrating Snapology's 10 year anniversary by awarding $1000 to one aspiring Amusement Park Engineer! Children 14 and under are invited to get creative and use LEGO® Bricks or any recycled household materials to build their ultimate theme park. Parents can submit their family's entry below to enter the contest.

Need some practice? Enroll in one of our online classes or visit your local Snapology on Facebook for our Daily Building Challenges.

Submissions will appear on this page when voting begins on May 18.

The entry with the most votes by June 12, 2020 will win an awesome Snapology prize package including $1000 in cash! In addition, Snapology will randomly choose a second place winner from all entries to receive $250. Enter anytime before June 11, 2020.

Be sure to share your build with family and friends and encourage them to vote for your submission by visiting

how to enter

Step 1


Build your ultimate amusement park using any materials you have at home

Step 2


Have an adult over 18 submit a photo or video of your build in the entry form below anytime between now and June 11
Step 3


Voting begins May 18. Share your build with the world and come back to this site once a day to vote for your favorties

RULES for Entering Snapology's Ultimate Amusement Park Engineer Contest

*To qualify, your original model can be constructed out of LEGO® bricks or any household items.
*Builders must be age 14 or younger
*Open to legal residents of the United States and Canada
*Adults over the age of 18 must complete the official "Snapology's Ultimate Amusement Park Engineer" entry form
*Deadline for all submissions is June 11, 2020, by midnight ET. Submissions received after this date do not qualify for participation in the giveaway.
*Prize will be awarded to the adult who fills out the submission form
*Submissions require admin approval and will appear on the voting site within 24 hours of submission

full list of rules and regulations